Six Primark Beauty Must Haves

Primark is definitely a favourite haunt amongst beauty bargain hunters. I’ve had a lot of misses but also have found a few gems in my search.

1- SOSU Lashes

I mentioned these in a previous post, but I love the SOSU by SJ Glam Lash Range. I wear these so much over on my Instagram . Kylie, London and Paris are among my much-worn styles. Their only £5 a pair and are so easy to apply.

2- Tweezers

You need to pick yourself a pair of these. They include a thinner set and thicker set. I use the thicker set to apply lashes, and the thinner set to pluck those stray hairs.

3- Bronzing Brush

I love that you can get budget makeup tools. It means that you can have one for home and one to travel with (is it just me that’s greedy and stocks up like this?!). I can’t claim to have tried all the Primark brushes as there’s a lot to choose from, but I love the Blusher/Bronzer brush.

4- Eyeshadow Shields

I love eyeshadow, but I don’t love the fallout that is inevitable. Especially with glitters. I recently discovered these eyeshadow shields and they are a life saver! £1.50 for 30 (so essentially 15 eyeshadow looks). You apply these before you start your look and simply peel them off after. The stick on these is amazing.

5- Set of 5 Makeup Colour Corrector Sponges

These are just a good staple item to have. You can’t go wrong at the price point and their great for blending out your colour corrector or a bit of concealer. However, I don’t think these would suffice for foundation as the sponges themselves are a bit thin.

6- Alex Steinherr Collection

Just to be clear, I love this entire collection. The fact that you can purchase a product produced by a beauty guru (Alex Steinherr was the beauty editor for Glamour Magazine) in Primark is phenomenal. Her collection incorporates key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and salicylic acid to name a few.  The products are categorised by skin care needs (i.e. glow, moisture or pollution), and are so affordable its almost too good to be true. The range includes everything from moisturiser, to masks to cleansers and toners. A firm favourite for me is the Pump and Glow Mask. It’s only £3 and when I remove this mask, my skin instantly feels so much fuller and healthier. I only wish that this collection was stocked in every Primark.

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