The Urban Decay Shapeshifter Contour Palette

I was persuaded into buying this little number in duty free. To be fair, you can see why. It has all your essential contouring and highlighting shades in the one place. Win! Unfortunately this palette turned out to be a a bit of a disappointment for me.


I own the Light to Medium version. It contains two trays. Essentially 3 powder contour (dark contour, medium contour and light contour), 4 cream contours ( dark contour, light contour, two color correctors) and one highlighter shade (pearl).


Initially I loved this palette. I loved combining the medium and light powder contour shades to achieve the perfect cool toned shadow. What I loved even more was the highlight. Pearl is a beautiful champagne highlight which I feel would compliment most skin tones. The color correctors are a useful addition but to be honest I’m too loyal to my Mac Prep and Prime in Peach Lustre to give these too much thought. I appreciated the fact that you had your cream and powder contour, as well as the perfect highlight all in the same place. I had big plans for this palette.


Now comes the down side. The fall out. The fall out from this palette was crazy. I found chunks of this palette falling out every time I opened it. It was a complete mess. I now only have two of the contour shades left. This isn’t even the worst bit. The beginning of the end was when the highlight shade completely shattered. I was so distraught that my immediate response was to try and replace it. At least I could chalk this buy up to a new highlighter discovery. However, Urban Decay does not sell pearl as an individual shade. In the interest of full disclosure, I was so disappointed by the longevity of this palette ( it disintegrated within a matter of weeks), that I did contact Urban Decay. I can’t fault their customer service. Urban Decay were willing to replace the palette but as I purchased it at the beginning of a holiday I was unable to locate the receipt, and therefore provide proof of purchase.


Urban Decay are currently selling this palette on their Outlet for £27.65 if you fancy giving it a try. I love the concept. I just think it could have been executed better.

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