Are eyelash extensions worth it?

Last week I embarked on my journey with semi permanent eyelash extensions. I’ve seen people with them and thought they look beautiful. Imagine getting up in the morning and not having to faff with mascara? Sounds like a win to me.

What you need to know before getting eyelash extensions :

What type do you want?

Individual classics- designed to give you that mascara look.

2D Hybrid- classics mixed with Russian volume at the ends for a slightly more dramatic look.

3-4 D Russian Volume- these are all about volume and drama.

The more dramatic you go, the more expensive your set of eyelashes will be. I opted for a set of 2 D hybrid and these set me back £50.

Before the appointment

Make sure you shower! You can’t get these babies wet for at least 24 hours so it’s worthwhile making sure your set before you have them done.

Don’t wear makeup or creams! I imagine this would make the application harder.

Be prepared to set aside approximately 2 hours for your lashes.


No mascara hassle in the morning.

If you get them done by a specialist eyelash technician they are light weight and feel like your normal lashes.

They look amazing.


These wont last forever! Your eyelashes naturally shed so your extensions will too. I think I’m going to book in for infills two weeks post original appointment.

They are not cheap. The original set is the most expensive, but having them replaced every 2-3 weeks will cost you £30-£40.

You do have to be careful. Avoid oil based makeup removers and you do have to be gentle when washing your face.

Overall I love my extensions and am a fully fledged lash convert 🙂

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