Worth the Hype- Huda Beauty Power Bullet Matte Lipstick

So far I have loved the Huda Beauty lip products so I couldn’t wait to try out her latest offering. Huda Beauty released 8 new matte shades in lipstick form. Is it just me that hasn’t bought a traditional lipstick in ages?! I tend to veer towards liquid lipsticks. I purchased the shade Graduation Day which I would describe as a rosey brown lipstick ( worn in the picture). I love a brown hence my shade choice, but they also have lighter (Interview and Joyride) or darker (Masquerade) shades.

First off, the lipstick is not cheap. It was £22. I purchased mine from the Huda Beauty Counter at Selfridges. It did come in this cute pink power bullet packet. The lipstick itself is square and sturdy with black and burgundy packaging. It’s honestly beautiful so top marks for packaging. You get 3g of product which is quite standard so it’s definitely on the pricey side.

I found the wear power of this lipstick really good for a matte lipstick. It does flake which I feel like is a common problem with mattes. But it’s by no means the worst drying I’ve ever experienced. Overall the texture is soft and smooth. My main flaw with this lipstick is that it’s almost too soft. Mine snapped. I couldn’t believe it. It’s still usable but I am quite disappointed that it hasn’t held up very well.

Pros- Great shade choice, beautiful packaging and good wear power.

Cons– Too soft?! Pricey.

Worth the hype? Overall I loved the quality of the lipstick but I’m just disappointed it broke 😦

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