Nars Tinted Moisturiser Versus Bobbi Brown BB Cream

I’m constantly on the search for an alternative to foundation. Not that I don’t like foundation, but I find wearing a heavy or medium coverage foundation every day is detrimental to my skin health. What I want is an alternative that is light weight, moisturising and provides a enough coverage to look put together. I have tried both the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser ( which I had in the shade Greenland for shade reference) and the Bobbi Brown BB Cream ( shade Natural ).


The Nars  Pure RadiantTinted Moisturiser could almost be mistaken for a light foundation ( think Chanel Velvet Lumiere). Nars has avoided the generic light, medium, deep as the only shade offerings which I think is great because people have different undertones and medium tan is completely different to medium neutral. The coverage is extremely good for a tinted moisturiser. Far better than I expected. It isn’t a tint though so I feel the name is a tad misleading. It is light in coverage and  generally works well to make your skin appear naturally glowy. It contains that all important SPF (30 ) so perfect for summer. Overall, I was quite impressed with it. It does retail for £31 which isn’t the cheapest out there but Nars is a fairly premium brand.


The Bobbi Brown BB Cream is even dearer at £32. That being said, I think I prefer the Bobbi Brown offering. It too contains SPF ( at slightly higher hit of 35) which I love  as sun damage is a prime cause for skin ageing. There are 9 shades to choose from so I think both brands have done fairly well in terms of being all-inclusive. I prefer the consistency of the Bobbi Brown BB cream. That being said, it again is more of a light foundation than a tint or true cream. This will hide those dark circles and blemishes just as good as most sheer foundations. It’s slightly heavier coverage than the Nars version therfore has has slightly better wear power . However its worth noting, it will give your complexion a matte finish compared to the Nars luminosity.

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