Worth the hype? Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser

I buy a lot of makeup and skin care based on reviews and what’s big in the beauty world at the time. So I thought I would start a Worth The Hype series. A sort of mini review to give you my views on some of these notorious buys.

Drunk Elephant is a brand I have been wanting to try forever so seems like an ideal place to start. Drunk Elephant was one of those brands that I saw at a distance but was always difficult to source and pricey to get over in the UK. Slowly but surely with beauty giants like Cult Beauty and Spake NK stocking some of their range, it has become more of a possibility.

Cleanser is one of those items I use daily but haven’t yet found “the one”. I was hopeful that the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser would be it. This cleanser boasts chemical free properties, and claims to rid your face of impurities and makeup.

I use a dollop if this on my trusty Foreo Luna Mini 2 twice daily.First of all, I don’t know if I’ve opened this incorrectly, but I find it a bit messy. Secondly, it’s very thick. I don’t hate this but it can add to the mess factor. This is super mild, and from someone who suffers with horrible dry skin breakouts, this cleans without stripping away for skins natural moisture. The amount of product I have to use per go is a little worrying. I actually stumbled upon this in TK Max by chance, but it retails for £27 which isn’t cheap and could become a little expensive if it was a regular feature in your skin care routine.

Pros- gentle, chemical free, suitable for dry skin.

Cons- messy, a tad pricey, not the easiest to obtain, and will run out quickly.

Worth the hype? Overall, I don’t think I would re purchase this cleanser. While it hasn’t made my skin any worse, I don’t necessarily think it’s made it better either.

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  1. alattestyle says:

    Great review! Sephora has it as part of the birthday gift this year, just have to wait for July! ❤


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