Is Oh Polly Worth Your Pennies?

I feel like people have a love/ hate relationship with Oh Polly. I personally like them on the whole. I feel like some of their clothes are a bit daring for my taste, but some of there more covered up items are amazing. I also like that they run small due to the fact that I am very petite and it is a struggle and a half finding clothes to fit, especially dresses and more glam pieces ( previous blog post on more brands that work for petite girls). I thought I would run through a few pieces I currently own 🙂

Oh Polly Tell Me About it Stud. Teal Suede Mini Dress ( £50)

This dress is still on site but I think I bought it about a year ago and it’s a firm favourite. It is thick material with a high neck and full sleeves so ideal for nights out at this of year. This is very figure hugging and gives you an amazing silhouette. As I’m only 5 ft it sits just above the knee on me and isn’t too short at all. They also stock it in burgundy.

Suede Lace Up Mini Dress in Peach

This is no longer on the site but I think I purchased this around for around £40. Again, this is perfect for this time of year. It has a lace up design and again sits just above the knee.

Satin Plunge Dress

Oh Polly does a ton of satin dresses. I think there’s something about satin combined with grey which is so expensive looking. It’s no longer on site but I believe it was £32 and it comes just below the knee on me. This would be perfect for a glam night out. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me wearing this.

White Wide of your life high waisted culottes ( £25)

Trousers are the bane of my life! But I purchased these for a trip to Morocco in October and they are beaut. White paired with anything pretty much looks good and they actually fit a smaller waist well. I believe these are available in blue as well.

Teal hook Suede Dress

I feel like I have a think for suede. And for teal. I love love love the material for this time of year. The boning in this dress means it sits well and accentuates your figure. It has a zip at the back which makes it super easy to put on. But I do think the hook details at the front are a little annoying and fiddly. It also has pockets at the front which is not a detail I love.

Love Affair Flared Sleeve Bandage Mini Dress ( £80)

This little beauty is from the new Valetines collection. It is the most pricey of my Oh Polly purchases but I could not resist. Also bandage dresses actually sell for well over £100 on sites such as House of CB so I actually didn’t think it was terrible value for money. I did indeed purchase it for a Valentines night out. They have it in light pink also but I thought the red was so striking and would look amazing paired with a red lip ( I’m thinking my Fenty Stunna Lip Paint). The bandage quality is amazing and the contrasting waistband literally gives you the most amazing curvature.

Do you own any bits from Oh Polly?

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