THAT Perfect Contour

Contouring wasn’t always a look I was into. But its honestly like an addiction. Once you achieve those chiseled cheek bones once, you want to try again.

Step 1-

Choose your contour products. You need something cool toned. To be perfectly honest I don’t even use a product that is intended for use as a contour so think outside the box. I use the Loreal Shape Stick in the shade 220 and the NYX  Highlight and Contour  Pro Palette.

Step 2-

Everyones face is different. I personally think it’s a rookie mistake to contour exactly how you’ve seen someone do it on YouTube as your  facial structure might be nothing like theirs. Find the hollows of your cheek bones and around the temple and jaw line.

Image Credit- Iconic London 

Step 3 –

Use the cream contour product first, and blend this in using a flat sided contour brush. I use the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Flat Contour Brush.

Step 4 –

SET THIS! Applying bronzer straight after this step will only spread that perfectly defined contour and make it look muddy I apply the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder in Banana Bread under my eyes and under the point of the contour. You are essentially baking your contour. Leave this to set for a few minutes and then remove using a large fan brush.

Step 5-

This is optional. But if I’m feeling a little extra I will use apply a powder contour on top. This will just accentuate and deepen your contour. I use the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette and use a Kevin Aucoin Contour Brush to blend a small amount in.

Once done, bronze away 🙂

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