5 Facts About Me

I have reached the milestone of a 100 followers and in celebration I thought I would do a slightly different blog post and share 5 facts about myself.

1- I have a twin sister.

Scientifically we’re not identical twins but we look very similar facially. We’re extremely close and I’m lucky to have an in built best friend.

2- I’m a nurse

I work as a senior staff nurse on an acute surgical unit/ high dependency. My passion lies in neurology (stroke) and I was lucky enough to do post registration studies in this. I hope one day to go back to it 🙂

3-I have cardiac disease

This isn’t something I’ve openly shared on my blog before but I was born with cardiac defects . To cut a very long story short this, this basically means I’ve had a lot of operations throughout my childhood and adult life and will continue to have more in the future. My congenital heart disease is a big reason I went into nursing and overall I think it’s really shaped my attitude to life.

4-I’m originally from India (Punjab)

I feel like I’m a slightly fake Punjabi because I’ve never actually been to visit. Regardless, this is where both my parents are from and they came over as young adults. I love Punjabi culture- the food, the dress and the festivals. As a child my parents sent me to Punjabi school ( which at the time I hated), so I can understand, read and write Punjabi.

5- We have a pet dog

I live with a huge family, and part of our family is Rano. She’s a Kurdish Kangle ( Turkish breed) and has been with us since May. She’s very young still so has way too much energy. She’s also growing at the speed of light.

So there we have it. 5 things you may not have known about me. Keep up to my day to day life on BeautyByRaji 🙂

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  1. lifewithmrst says:

    I love these types of posts. I like to find out little facts behind the blog. Great post

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