Is the Foreo Luna Mini2 a Skin Care Game Changer?

This isn’t the first time I’ve bought a facial cleansing brush. I previously purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2. After literally two weeks this was donated to my twin sister. All it did was break me out. I don’t know if the bristles were too hard for my slightly sensitive skin or that I was just impatient (I read there was an initial purge period but I wasn’t prepared to wait it out).


The Foreo was recommended to me by best friend who I hail a bit of a skin care expert (she’s also the one who recommend the Sky and Sand face mask I love so much). Plus she has immaculate skin so if it could do that for her, I was all for giving it a try. Initially it appealed to me because of the promise that it caters to all skin types. Even those of us who have sensitive skin. This seems slightly too good to be true. But it does this by ditching the stereotypical tried and tested brush head. Instead powering forward with an all new silicone based design.



I tend to use mine before bed. I put a dollop of my Bodyshop Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash on the bristles and press the round button in the centre. It also has plus and minus buttons to reduce the intensity of the bristles. I think mine is set at the second to lowest setting. High enough to feel like my face is squeaky, clean but not rough on my skin. The Foreo is also spherical in design allowing you to clean under your eyes and around the crevices of your face. It does a triple vibrate after a minute so you can easily keep track at how long you’re using it for. I tend to use it for a minute or two minutes maximum. I then give it a rinse and let it dry off while I sleep.


So far so good. I havnt seen earth shattering results but to be fair I’ve only been using it a week. It’s extremely easy to use. It only has three buttons so you can’t go wrong. There’s no brush heads to replace. It comes with a usb charge lead and the charge life is impressive (only charged once when I got it out of the packaging). Most importantly, it hasn’t caused any of the initial purge that I saw with the Clarisonic. I think this is a great little gadget if you want something extra in your skin care routine, but is by no means an essential.

What are you thoughts on the Foreo?

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  1. beautywithmei says:

    I recently gave my my clarasonic for the foreo. The changing brush heads and not really seeing that much difference made me want to try a more gentle version that you don’t need to keep spending on


    1. beautybyraji says:

      I agree 🙂 so far I’m really liking the Foreo. It ensures I cleanse my face and I’ve noticed a reduction in blackheads ( big problem area for me)


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