5 Quick Eyeshadow Hacks

I am by no means the queen of eyeshadow, but I have improved a lot in the last few years. I prefer to create more wearable looks. As much as I love the dramatic instagram makeup,I just wouldn’t wear it in every day life. These 5 little tips have changed my eyeshadow game!

1- Get the right tools!

I cannot stress this enough! A quality set of eyeshadow brushes is an investment. You can wash and re use the brushes to your hearts desire. I was lucky enough to receive the Zoeva complete eye set as a gift, but I believe the bh cosmetics set is also meant to be very good for the price. If you can’t invest in a  full set, there are a few brushes that I swear by.

Fluffy crease brush ( zoeva 231 Luxe petit crease)-this will be your best friend. It’s great for blending and creating a more seamless finish

Flat brush (zoeva 234 luxe smoky shader)- you will need this to pack pigment.

Smudger brush ( zoeva 226 smudger)- for those bold pops of color under the eye and to smoke out your lower lash line.

Pencil brush ( zoeva 230 luxe pencil) to add detailing ( eg, for glitter, or a halo eye).

2- Blend!

The key to a put together look, dramatic or not is to blend. I tend to go in the order of transition shade, outer corner, middle of the lid, lash line and lastly inner corner.

3-Prep your lids!

I don’t actually own an eyeshadow primer. I’ve heard both the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the P Louise Base are amazing. But equally I’ve found a pale concealer will do the job. This will make your pigments appear brighter, increase longevity and allow you to create a cut crease or halo eye.

4- Glitter!

If you want your glitter to pop, you need a glitter primer. Nyx glitter primer is affordable and lasts forever. Apply the glue and just pat on your glitter to reduce fall out and sparkle all day 🙂

5- Get the right shadow!

Theres a ton of eyeshadows available out there. I would say find a formula that is creamy, blendable and has little fallout and your job will be reduced ten fold. Using a quality shadow makes all the difference because the pigment doesn’t need to be built up or blended to death. The two palettes that I think are great for beginners are the Huda Beauty New Nude ( which I recently did a post about), as well as the Urban Decay Born to Run.

Let me know what tips and tricks work for you 🙂

Keep up with my new looks on BeautybyRaji 🙂

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