Why the Fenty Foundation didn’t work for me

Don’t get me wrong,I think RiRi has done a great job launching Fenty Beauty. I’m not normally a fan of celebrity makeup as they generally just jump on the bandwagon and have nothing new to bring to the game. RiRi however has been very clever in making her brand exclusive ( only sold at Harvey nicks) and all inclusive. The packaging is also innovative with its magnetic aspect. So why did I give away the foundation to my sister ?

For about a month now I’ve noticed a rash around my eyes. Not red as raw but enough to notice and very irritating. Itchy and uncomfortable. Enough to deter me from wearing eye makeup hence the radio silence. I assumed it was my j lo Inglot eyeliner ( which is now over on sale on my depop raji17 if anyone fancies it), but alas the rash continued. I went to see my gp who confirmed it was contact dermatitis and have me a steroid cream to apply. Although this helped it’s meant for short term use as it can thin the already fragile skin around the eyes. The rash persisted. Then I read the Fenty Foundation contains a high percentage of an ingredient called Dimethicone. To be fair, most foundations do . It gives a smooth complexion which I’m all about . But Dimethicone is also a silicone who j. An aggravate the formation of blackheads and spots. Again, it wasn’t really causing me to break out .

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