Sky and Sand Australian Pink Clay

First of let me say, never have I applied a face mask and felt immediately impressed. I got this on a recommendation from my best friend. I was looking for a mask that freshened my skin and fingers crossed reversed the effects of shift work.

Sky and Sand Australian Pink Clay is not cheap. £39.50 to be precise. To make it slightly better it does come with a mini flat brush. I don’t think this makes up for the high price tag but it’s a nice touch nonetheless. I also prefer brushes as it allows for more even application and also means you don’t get it everywhere.

The packaging is super cute. I’m on board with the pink vibe. The clay itself is fairly thick in consistency. It’s pink in the tub but applies more white. It dries extremely quickly. I’m talking three minutes. But the instructions say to keep it on for ten minutes so ten minutes it is. When I washed this off my skin had a glow and felt tighter. My pores were visibly smaller. I think it’s a great lift me up for your skin.

This is a face lift in a jar !

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