Huda New Nude eyeshadow palette

Can I call an eyeshadow palette a dream? Well I just did. Let me start from the beginning. I have never bought a Huda Beauty eye shadow palette because I thought it was all just hype to be honest. I am eating my words. I was lucky enough to receive this as an anniversary present and it’s love at first sight.

For anyone who lives under a rock, Huda is an iconic beauty blogger who now very successfully fronts her own beauty line. I own a few things from this line and so far so good. The mammoth eye shadow palettes however carries a hefty price tag of £56 and this is enough to deter us mere mortals.


The New Nude eyeshadow palette does just that. It reinvented the nude. It has 18 shades- 10 mattes, 2 glitters, 4duo chromes, 2 glitters, 1 pressed pearl and 1 concealer shade. That’s right, a concealer shade! You have your base to every eyeshadow look right here.

I admit I have only used this palette once so far. But I was highly impressed. It requires so little work that even the most novice of eyeshadow users could use it. The glitters pop. Though I did personally use a glitter primer. I also found they applied better with my finger.


Do you love the Huda palettes?

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  1. I tend to be lazy with my makeup sometimes so anything with “little work” is definitely a life saver for me🙈🤗


    1. beautybyraji says:

      This is definitely one of the most user friendly eye shadow palettes out there

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