Color correctors- hit or miss?

If your anything like me, a color corrector is pretty much a staple item. My nemeses are my under eye bags ( shift life catching up with me) and dark pigmentation from when I pick at my skin. I have yellow undertones and realise fully that the color correctors that work for me may not be for everyone, but hopefully this helps some other yellow beings out there 🙂

Mac Prep and Prime Highlighter Peach Lustre ( £21)

My sister introduced me to this gem and ever since I have sworn by it. I have just today bought a refill. This is a true peach and brightens your under eye without creating an ashy look. It can also be used to cover marks caused by spots and once your foundation is applied on top you can’t even see it. Win! This is a wind up wand which you can apply directly onto the skin. Normally I’m not a fan of this method of application, but this one works surprisingly well. It deposits just the right amount of product and takes forever to run out.

Becca Under Eye Corrector Medium to Deep ( £21)

This is the same price as it’s Mac counterpart but I would say it lasts considerably less time. This lasted me about two months. It comes in a tub and I used a flat concealer brush to apply it. I loved the consistency of this product and similarly to the Mac version it highlighted and brightens. Personally I liked this product but would be more likely to buy the Mac version as it’s better value for money.

Makeup Revolution Color Corrector in Orange ( £4)

This is definitely much cheaper. However I’m not a fan. I wouldn’t say it’s orange. It’s far more of a red and a bit too dark to highlight or brighten. It requires a lot of blending and for some reason the product seems to spread everywhere. It works well to cover dark pigmentation I would say. Overall, this product was just not for me. Saying that I think it could work better if you had a deeper skin tone.

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  1. I love the Becca color corrector as well! They should make a bigger jar. Great post!

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