Small girl problems

I am very petite. 5ft and slim. I don’t hate my body type by any means but I have struggled over the years to find clothes that fit. Particularly in the last year, this has left me feeling demoralised and at times unconfident with my body. Wishing I was bigger just so I could fit into the clothes I liked. In recent years, there’s been a surge in plus and curve clothing which I think is great and long over due as everyone should have clothing that makes them feel good, but I just don’t feel the petites have been catered for as much. Often ‘petite’ clothing is just made a bit shorter and doesn’t actually cater for smaller dimensions. My pet hate has to be the abundance of skimpy clothes for the petite girl. While I have no problem with a revealing outfit, just because your small doesn’t mean that you always wear such clothes. I feel like that’s an unfair generalisation and is something I feel quite strongly about. Anyway, rant over. There are some clothing brands killing it with their petite range so I thought I would share those gems with you 🙂


Asos Petite

Asos has been a saving grace! Their sizes go all the way down to size 2 and they actually adjust their dimensions. Asos are also very on trend and offer both classic or more out there pieces. My recent purchases from them include skinny fit leather trousers. Any petite girl knows trousers/jeans are the bane of our lives. If they fit from the waist their too long and vice versa. These fit like a dream. Unfortunately I have been quite unwell with a chest infection so am currently unable to upload any pictures of me wearing them but watch out on beautybyraji as I will definitely be rocking these over the winter months. Jumpsuits are another struggle in life. I purchased this sleek number and love that it can be dressed up or down.

Image Credit: ASOS


Image credit: ASOS


Personally for me, Missguided are a bit hit and miss. I find their size 4 is bigger than that of Asos and PLT. However props to them for at least offering the option. Also recently I feel a little let down as some beautiful pieces are only available in size 6 upwards.

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little thing are another brand that go down to size 2, albeit not in a lot of their pieces. While they have a great choice of options and always have new stock available, they are slightly guilty of the skimpy clothes generalisation. Saying that,I have purchased this jumpsuit and various trousers from them with ease.

Image credit: PLT


Oh Polly

I feel like Oh Polly has received unfair criticism for their small sizing. While I admit it is small, small girls do want dressy pieces too. I love that they make beautiful dresses which cater more for the petite market.

Miss Selfridge

Not only do Miss Selfridge stock most of their clothing in a size 4, they also have a petite range. I love their bodysuits, playsuits and jumpsuits. They also do frequent deals and who doesn’t love a bargain.


I have to admit I have not been a fan of Boohoo in the past, but is it just me or have their really upped their game?! I recently purchased a pair of snake print culottes from them. They also cater for a size 2 and frequently update their stock.

Image Credit: BOOHOO


I’d love to hear from other petite girls on what clothing works for them 🙂

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