Foundations I love đź’—

Foundation is pretty much an essential for any makeup lover. You need a base to build on and I strongly believe this can make or break your makeup look. Over the years I’ve invested in both the high-end and the drug store.

Chanel Velvet Lumiere

This is my holy grail. Whatever happens I always have a bottle of this in my makeup stash. It’s a light to medium coverage foundation. Great for day-to-day wear but wouldn’t be my go to on a night out. I would say it’s more inclined to give a matte finish. True to it’s name, it feels almost velvety to touch once applied.

Urban Decay All Nighter 

This is full coverage. Brilliant for a night out. But I wouldn’t recommend it for every day wear. It’s matte and thick in consistency. I would say the wear power is pretty good and would last you a good 6-8 hours.

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick

This comes in stick form so it straight away wins points for convenience. I find stick foundations so much easier to travel with. This is a medium coverage foundation with a very luminous dewy finish. I personally love that, but if you’re a matte girl, this is not the one for you. The dewy finish also means it doesn’t last as long as other foundations and can start to look patchy.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk  

I loved this foundation! Apparently it’s a firm favorite with the Kardashian’s. It gives you a radiant glowing complexion and has decent wear power as far as dewy foundations go. However, it runs out fast. This has been the main drawback in purchasing another bottle. For ÂŁ42 a bottle, I expect it to last longer than 6 weeks.

Bobbi Brown Stick 

This has become my ultimate travel companion. Similarly to the Makeup Revolution offering it comes in a hand stick form. The sleek black and gold packaging is to die for, and easily slots into your holidays goods. I would say this is a medium coverage foundation, but can be easily built up to heavy coverage, with similar wear power to the Urban Decay All Nighter. It withstands heat and humidity like no other, and melting on holiday has officially become a thing of the past. I am onto my second stick now, but the first one lasted me around 8 months. I can’t say I use this foundation every day, but it is in fairly regular rotation so overall very good value for money. If I had to be fussy, the only flaw is you can appear a  little flakey in places if you suffer from dry skin.

Sadly, my Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation has just run out. Which other foundations give a full overage finish? I would love to hear your suggestions and try something new 🙂

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  1. Great post! The UD All nighter foundation is great! I’ve been loving the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation!! It’s great coverage and the formula Is amazing!

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    1. beautybyraji says:

      Il have to give it a try 🙂

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  2. If you do, let me know your thoughts on it!


    1. beautybyraji says:

      I’m also intrigued by the Kat Von d lock it foundation !

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      1. It’s very full coverage! I have combo/oily skin and I loved it!


      2. beautybyraji says:

        My skin tends to be on the dry side so I wonder if it would work for me

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  3. Absolutely! You just spray a little setting spray to your brush or beauty blender and itll work just fine.

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    1. beautybyraji says:

      Il let you know my thoughts 🙂

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