5 fool proof tips for applying falsies

I love false eyelashes. They can literally make a look. But I havn’t always been so good at applying them. I’m still by no means the best out there, but I’m gradually improving so thought I would share a few tricks.

1- Invest in your lashes

You want to use a good quality pair of lashes. Nothing that looks too plastic. More importantly, you want them to have a bit of flexibility to them. I have recently been loving the faux minx lashes by Beccalashesuk.

They stock a range of faux minx bundles. I have a code over on my instagram and have shared pictures from their range.

Head over to BeautybyRaji if you fancy using it 🙂

2- Trim to size

This step is not always necessary, but you may need to trim the lashes to size. Trim from the outer corner if there too long.

3- Apply your glue

This is probably the most important step. Apply glue and leave for a good two minutes. If you use clear glue, you will see it starting to turn a bluish color. This was the step I was doing wrong for years! Applying lashes straight after you place the glue will just result in a wet mess all over your eyelid. I would rather leave it longer as it allows more control over the overall placement.

4- Place your lash

Use tweezers to stick the middle of the lash before you position the inner and outer corners.

5- Finishing touches

Apply mascara. This can help to bind your falsies and actual lashes together.


Disclaimer- I have been lucky enough to be sent a range of lashes from BeccaLashesUK. However, this is not an affiliate link and I would never work with a product or brand I wasn’t completely satisfied with myself. I also am a big believer in supporting smaller businesses.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. alwayscleia says:

    Great tips! I’ve been trying to learn to apply lashes lately and I’m so bad at it, I’ll have to try positioning the centre of the lash first instead of the inner corner.


    1. beautybyraji says:

      Trust me it works 🙂


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