The makeup brushes I can’t live without

I have no shame in admitting I was late to the game in realising the brushes you use make a real difference to your make up game. I thought I would share the brushes I can’t live without. Warning in advance-this post is very Zoeva heavy but they really do make amazing affordable brushes.



Mac 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush- perfect for buffing in both liquid and stick foundations.

Zoeva 105 Luxe highlight- this is great for placing highlight on the cheekbones for that all important glow.

Zoeva 123 Luxe Fan Brush- I like to alternate between this and the 105 Luxe Highlight. I find this brush gives an overall subtler look. This is also a lot better at adding a little highlight to the cupids bow.

Inglot 3P Blush Brush- as mentioned in a previous post, this is my ride or die for both bronze and blush.

Makeup Revolution F304 Ultra Flat Contour Brush-helps me achieve that sculpted cheekbone vibe.


Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease- is perfect for building your transition shade.

Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease- again is good for building up your desired color.

Zoeva 224 Luxe defined Crease- this brush is great for adding a pop of colour to the outer corner.

Mac 226SE- this is your staple fluffy blending brush.

Zoeva 234 Luxe smoky shader- the flatness of this brush helps you to add that all over lid color.

Zoeva 230 Luxe pencil Brush- is great for adding a little detail ( i.e glitter or inner corner highlight) or for helping smoking out the lower lash line.

Zoeva 226 Smudger-has been a lifesaver for smoking out the lower lash line.

Zoeva 237 Detail Shader- is perfect for adding in little bits of color to either the inner or outer corner.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 7b-is the ultimate brow brush. It has a spoolie one end to tidy stray hairs and a slanted brush to apply your dip brow with.

I’d love to know your favourite brushes 🙂

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  1. Always Cleia says:

    I haven’t tried any of these, I’m definitely curious about those zoeva brushes now!


    1. beautybyraji says:

      there honestly really good 🙂

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