ABH Amrezy Highlight

Nothing grabs my attention like a brand spanking new highlight. Highlighters are my kryptonite. I own more than any sane person would ever need. But it makes me so happy to look at their glowy goodness.


That being said I jumped on the limited edition ABH release. I find ABH products a bit hit and miss ( am I the only person that doesn’t live for the glow palettes?!) .But I hold my hands up here. ABH has produced my new holy grail highlight. (Sorry VB modern mercury, there’s a new girl in town!).


The highlight is pressed into golden waves which I love. I’m not a huge fan of the design of the packaging. Though it is compact, has a decent mirror and you get 9g of highlight for £29 which isn’t too shabby. This hasn’t impacted my opinion of the overall product. The gold shade is to die for. It’s more of a golden sheen as opposed to a true gold. I feel it could work with a majority of skin tones. It’s not glittery, but instead subtly reflects and gives you a glow from within look. It’s super pigmented and can be built from subtle to killer glow. The formula is creamy and sinks into the skin. It’s honestly perfect. I’m so sad that it’s limited edition!

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